Cholesterol Home Tests

You can have the benefits of home testing-convenience, privacy, control-as long as you know the conditions and precautions needed to take before administering the test.

You can see a marked increase in the number of medical tests available in the market for your use in the privacy of your home. Changes in technology and the changing attitudes of patients toward their health concern have increased the market for home tests. In fact, the word "patient" itself is gradually disappearing-people like you, who used to think of themselves as patients, are now hearing themselves called "consumers" who are taking charge of their own health care.

People today are not satisfied being told that the tests are normal. Today patients want to know the exact measure of the test, the reference ranges. Recent market surveys indicate at least 25% of all medical tests are conducted outside the hospital laboratory. But it is necessary to be cautious when purchasing over-the-counter tests-sometimes there are tradeoffs between convenience and quality.

Though the tests are not similar to the ones conducted in a lab the tests you buy in your local supermarket can be of similar quality to what they perform in the hospital.

While a test in the lab needs trained nurses and lab assistants to keep up the quality control standards and the instrumentation used to perform the tests there is no such requirement for consumers who purchase home tests, even the ones prescribed or recommended by their doctors.

These test are important to people suffering with chronic illness. Diabetes for instance, home glucose testing, for example, allows you to monitor your blood sugar level and adjust diet or medication accordingly, without having to make frequent lab visits or risking precarious highs and lows in energy levels.

Home testing provides many advantages but it is also crucial to recognize the potential tradeoffs between quality and convenience and take steps to protect yourself against bogus tests, the possibility of false results, and your own lack of training.

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