Managing Cholesterol Levels

Managing your cholesterol levels leads to a very healthy lifestyle. A few things have to be done to get the desired results:

Exercise: Cutting down between 1,200 and 1,500 calories each week doing aerobic exercise can have dramatic results. Exercising is a wonderful way to keep your heart healthy, it also helps lose weight, which is an additional benefit. By losing excess weight, you see significant increases in your HDL cholesterol."

Avoid Trans Fatty Acids: Avoid Trans fatty acid containing foods such as French fries, cookies, cakes and many of the fried fast foods.

Minimize Carbohydrates: Avoid sugar, flour, potatoes and white rice thus cutting down on carbohydrates.. HDL level drops dramatically when blood sugar is spiked by carbohydrates. Avoid Cholesterol Foods: Reduce food sources of cholesterol such as egg yolk, liver, kidney, brains, etc.

Stop Smoking: According to a study, within just one week of quitting smoking, HDL levels raised by seven points.

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