Lowering LDL (Bad) Cholesterol

Various studies have shown that chances of having a heart attack are actually decreased by as much as 25% for every 10% drop in cholesterol level. Lowering LDL cholesterol is a key factor in bringing total cholesterol down to a safe level.

Lowering LDL: Advantages

A particular study confirmed risks of heart attack/stoke and even deaths are reduced considerably by lowering LDL. In this study, more than 4,000 people with confirmed heart disease were given either a cholesterol-lowering drug called statin or a placebo. Results showed that for the people taking the Statin, the total cholesterol levels were reduced 25%, LDL was lowered 35%, and death occurring from heart disease was reduced by a staggering 42%.

Daily calorie intake of fat should be cut down to less than 30%. Consuming too many calories from all kinds of food, whether it is carbohydrates, proteins, or fats, the body will absorb the food and turn it into triglycerides which are then circulated in the bloodstream to be later stored as fat.

Lowering LDL levels has a great impact on their health of people suffering from heart disease. The more the LDL level the higher is the risk of a heart attack. If you have high LDL levels, better to consult a physician and follow his advice to bring them down.

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