Good (HDL) Cholesterol - Advantages

Lowering your LDL cholesterol is easier to do than raising your HDL cholesterol. However, there is great benefit in bringing your HDL numbers up and even greater benefit by doing both - lowering LDL/raising HDL.

For a long time, focus was primarily on LDL and the need to bring numbers down. However, researchers and physicians have now identified that bringing the HDL level up is just as beneficial and a natural way of fighting off bad cholesterol.

Although more difficult to accomplish, there are definite steps you can take to help raise your HDL:

Some studies have shown that when antioxidants are coupled with cholesterol-reducing medications such as Statin-type drugs along with Niacin, there was some level of benefit.

Further research suggests that in women with high plasma levels of HDL, the risk of heart attack becomes reduced.

The higher your HDL levels the better. Today, the average for women is between 50 and 55 mg/dL and for men 40 to 45 mg/dL. Again, getting this level over 60 is a very effective start toward improving overall cholesterol ratios.

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