Cholesterol Reduction without Medication

Cholesterol Reduction without Medication Starts With a Proper Diet

The animal kingdom is very resourceful. Members of all species always find a way to survive without using synthetically engineered drugs. The only thing that seems to threaten their survival is man so it is no wonder that man has the tendency to depend on synthetic drugs to cure what ails him. High cholesterol and the cure for that condition is a good example of how man uses drugs to do what the body can do naturally. Drugs like the statins have the ability to block cholesterol production in the liver. Statins have become rock stars in the cholesterol reducing community, but that status may be short-lived.

People with high cholesterol face a couple of interesting issues. Doctors like to prescribe statins for several reasons. They work quickly, the side effects are not life threatening, and they help support the pharmaceutical industry. A growing number of people want cholesterol reduction without medications, but are not sure how to get started since the medical profession is hell-bent on writing a prescription for almost any health issue.

Most people don't understand what cholesterol is, and they certainly don't understand what role it plays in the body. Over seventy-five percent of the cholesterol in the body is produced by the liver. The liver is capable of producing two types of cholesterol. The "good cholesterol is called high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and the "bad" cholesterol is called low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

Saturated fats and trans fats are converted to low-density cholesterol, and unsaturated fats are converted to high-density cholesterol. With that in mind, it's safe to assume that eating a diet low in saturated and trans fats will decrease the amount of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream, and eating polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats will increase the amount of good cholesterol that travels through the body. Every cell and hormone in the body needs cholesterol to function, but too much of the low-density type tends to stick to the walls of blood vessels, and that restricts the flow of blood to the internal organs. Cholesterol reduction without drugs is achieved when you increase your high-density cholesterol so it washes away the low-density cholesterol that sticks to blood vessels.

A Nutritional Diet, Supplements, and Exercise Routine Are the Main Tools for Cholesterol Reduction without Medication

Natural cholesterol reduction is gaining popularity because nutrients are more effective than synthetic drugs. There are several choices when it comes to cholesterol reduction without medication, and one of the most promising is policosanol, which is the pure extract of sugar cane wax. Clinical trials show that policosanol lowers bad cholesterol, and it can increase good cholesterol at the same time. It out performs prescriptions drugs, and it has no side effects.

Guggulipid extract has been used for centuries in India for a number of ailments, but recent studies show that guggulipid is more effective that prescription drugs when it comes to reducing LDL in the bloodstream. Beta Sitosterol, which is found in soybeans, corn oil, and wheat germ, has a molecular structure that is similar to cholesterol so it has the ability to absorb bad cholesterol in the body. Green tea and black tea also lower your bad cholesterol number. Cholesterol reduction without medication is easier than you think once you do a little research, and then incorporate what you discover in your daily routine.

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