Cholesterol Reduction Medication

Reasons Not to Take Cholesterol Reduction Medication

Many people these days use cholesterol reduction medication in order to lower their LDL and reduce their risk for heart disease. Within the past several decades, the consumption of saturated fats has reached such highs that millions upon millions of people as young as 30 years old have already started to take cholesterol reduction medication on a regular basis, noting LDL levels as high as 200 or more.

However, one of the main problems with cholesterol reduction medication is that they have an extreme amount of side effects that can be as dangerous as not taking the medicines.

Common Side Effects of Cholesterol Reduction Medication

There is no doubt that the most dangerous side effects of cholesterol reduction medication are rare, otherwise they would not be used to reduce cholesterol. But there are a number of common side effects of cholesterol reduction medication that occur in a large percentage of those that are taking the products. Some of these side effects include:

These symptoms are not the extent of the side effects too. Nausea, indigestion, constipation - all of these are common of those taking cholesterol reduction medication. When you are putting your health in the hands of these medicines, you are keeping yourself wide open to a variety of side effects that can easily disrupt your life.

So What Else is Available?

Most cholesterol problems start with your diet. The same is true for the best way to treat your cholesterol problems. While eating foods that lower cholesterol can be difficult, since most foods have high amounts of saturated fats, there are a variety of extracts that are able to lower cholesterol that you can take on a daily basis. These extracts are completely natural, and can lower your cholesterol without any side effects.

One of the best supplements for this purpose comes in a product known as Vasacor. Vasacor is a highly effective cholesterol reduction supplement that is powerful, like medicine, but made only of natural ingredients so that there are no side effects. If you use Vasacor regularly, you will experience a significant drop in the amount of LDL cholesterol you have, while raising your good cholesterol, and all of this will occur with no nasty side effects like the medicines can cause. It is simply a better choice.

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