Blood Cholesterol Levels & Your Diet

Blood Cholesterol Levels - the Mix of Fats in Your Diet

The most important determinant for cholesterol in the body is fat from diet. Though our liver produces 75% of cholesterol only 25% is absorbed from the food. For a high cholesterol condition, fats are of different types. Some fats are good for cholesterol levels while others are obviously bad. What are becoming clearer and clearer is those bad fats, meaning saturated and Tran's fats increase the risk for certain diseases while good fats, meaning monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, lower the risk. The key is to substitute good fats for bad fats.

You're Body - a breeding ground

Extensive research reveals that, proliferation of cholesterol in society is a direct manifestation of our changed lifestyles. When people around the world experience similar problems, it's not a random incident but a methodical process spreading across cultures and borders.

The body is infected by acids: released from sugars, carbohydrates, excess fat and uric acid, found a plenty in modern day foods.

Robert A. Young a leading micro-biologist, author of "The ph miracle" quotes

"There is only One Sickness and One Disease, and this one 'sickness' is the over-acidification of the body due primarily to an inverted way of living, thinking, and eating... there can therefore be only one remedy and treatment, and that is to alkalize the body and break the cycle of imbalance, thus allowing us to experience the energy, vitality and true health we're all meant to have."